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Smart Express Parcel


How long does it take Sony Express LTD to deliver parcel?

National parcels usually reach their destination within a standard delivery time of less than 48 hours. In Europe, standard delivery times are generally between 48 and 96 hours. Sony Express LTD delivers Monday to Friday during normal business hours.

How do I find out services are available for a certain dispatch route?

Simply enter the starting point and destination of your consignment into The available  service will be displayed immediately.

How large may a parcel be?

A parcel may not exceed the following dimensions:
Length: 200 cm Width: 80 cm Height: 60 cm Combined length and girth: 300 cm
Calculation of max. combined length and girth: 2 x height + 2 x width + 1 x longest side

How much can a parcel weight?

The maximum weight is 30 kg for parcels within the Republic of Ireland and Africa destinations …The maximum weight is 50 kg for  international delivery within Europe. Contact Sony Express for more information about oversize and overweight parcels to Africa.

I want to send bulky items. What do I need to consider?

Some shipments cannot be transported by the conveyor belts in our automatic sorting systems because of their size or outer packaging. please contact Sony Express LTD for more information

Sacks, tyres, rolls, bales of cloth, canisters, plastic buckets, wooden boxes
Parcels with protruding parts of any kind
For more information contact Sony Express LTD .

Can I track parcels in real time?

Yes, all parcels  can be tracked by the customer and recipient using parcel tracking. Internationally. Simply enter the shipment number in

Do I need custom declaration form ?

If you are sending your item to a country outside the EU it is your responsibility you complete, print and attach your customs documents. Customs forms will be available in the My Orders section after booking. It is the customers’ responsibility to ensure these are completed. If the customs documents are not completed or attached, the collection may be refused. is liable for any customs charges, clearance fees or taxes imposed on your shipment only when the declaration form is complete and attached to the shipment.

Is my shipment covered for damage or loss?
Yes, each consignment ( Europe destinations only) is covered up to the value of €100 as standard. You can add more cover up to €300 when booking for a small fee.
How do I attach my labels?
Simply stick the provided label on the parcel using tape. If you are provided with more than one label per parcel, only attach one label and give the other labels to the driver. Please make sure no barcodes or addresses fields are covered when attaching labels. For custom paperwork please insert 3 copies into a clear documents enclosed wallet or envelope attached on the parcel .
if you do not have access to a printer 
please use a black marker to write sender and receiver full details on the parcel clearly .